Hi, I am currently busy redesigning my blog. The website should be ready again by the second week of April 2014. If all goes well that is. Knowing me, I'll most likely be busy pretty much all week at my current employer.

Quick intro

My name is Angelique Dawn. I am a IT-technician specialized in facility management and high-availability. I have been active as such since the age of 12 and started leading projects as an it-consultant specialized in large-scale deployments at the age of 18.

I have had my tech-blog up and running for quite a few years (15+) but ever since I moved, I neglected it due to other priorities. The old blogposts let alone my old publications will be made available again at a later point of time. Sadly the webhost I used to host the blogg at got hacked shortly after they changed systems. I still have some of them stored offline. If you want a specific document you most likely also know how to reach me. As for the howto's i've written in the past 10 years. I'm going to filter them and update them where possible. Maybe do some video's and some show and tell but first, lets get this place back up and running again.

Published documents


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